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Q - When is my pedal coming in the mail?

A - Pedals are always shipped within 1 or 2 days. We're keeping some in stock at all times so we can usually ship within 24 hours.

Q - What sort of power supply do I use to power a BJ pedal?

A - Any power supply with an output of 9 Volts DC and a Negative Tip Positive Ring. 
This is the standard for most (99%) other manufacturers of effect pedals.
We suggest a Visual Sound One spot or a Boss.

Q - Can you build me a custom pedal?

A - Sorry we are not building custom pedals at this time. 

Q - If I ever break my pedal, where can I get it fixed?

A - They (almost) never break! Contact us  first and I will get back to you as to where to send it. We want to be known for excellent service just as much as for excellent tone.