Big John Effects is an original, independent brand. We create analog, 100% handmade effects pedals. 

The big difference? They are designed and built by musicians, from the first ideas to the final effect pedals. They are handbuilt, serious tone-machines that make the essential tone difference both on stage and in the recording studio.

All pedals feature True Bypass switching and are built by us personally from top quality components. Every resistor, every capacitor, every wire is selected, trimmed and soldered onto it's circuit, manually, to the original Big John design. They are original, point-to-point soldered, handwired pedal designs. 

They do not break down your tone like many mass-produced (and some other!) effect pedals, so all of your sound stays where it should be: In your signal chain! This makes them work especially good for guitar, bass, and analog synthesizers.

These unique analog pedals are top quality, built extremely tough, and instantly draw attention. They are designed to the highest analog standards and built and tested by us with great dedication. 

Visit our online shop and get your own BIG JOHN EFFECTS!

Arnoud Faber
Big John Music, The Netherlands


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