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The Big John Hairy Balls is a hefty & professional preamp/overdrive/fuzz designed for bass but very popular for guitar. It prefers vintage, passive instruments to work with.

Turn up the heat with the versatile Big John Hairy Balls Fuzz & Boost. Great looks and thunderous analog sound in one! This pedal is loved by both bassists and guitar players around the world for its pure sounds. 2 separate effects in one box! (Boost/drive & Extraordinary Fuzz)

(130x95x57mm) 1) Clean preamp Boost 2) Delicious Tube color & growl from the boost when opened up 3) Full Distortion effect when fully cranked! 4) High gain fuzz 5) Synth -like- effects with the gate control 6) Booster, overdrive, fuzz and synth in one pedal 7) Inside trimpot for the booster (trimmed standard to +1 dB with Boost at lowest level position) 8) There are no balls like HAIRY BALLS!

The Big John Hairy Balls is a fuzz/boost/overdrive pedal that not only features zippery, gated fuzz but also adds a hairy boost that can be used in conjunction with the fuzz effect or separately. The Boost function features its own footswitch and a Boost control. The boost gives a beautiful bright coloration but stays quite clean until about 3 o’clock, then it gets scratchy and starts overdriving and distorting as the bias changes. In the fuzz section, Volume and Gate knobs give you an unusual, creative control over the effect.

The Big John Hairy Balls is a great design and like all Big John Pedals, it is handmade with top quality components with point-to-point soldered construction (!) for maximum tone and durability.

Kicking in the Boost is like thumping a wildebeest in the danglies, the fuzz lights up and the volume goes through the roof, perfect for a lead boost. With the Boost all the way up, there is added gain and grit for a huge ballsy drive tone that will make your neighbour sweat. The Big John Hairy Balls is a pedal to annoy, enjoy, and play with for as long as you can still hear.

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