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The Big John Hairy Balls is a hefty & professional preamp/overdrive/fuzz designed for bass but very popular for guitar. It prefers vintage, passive instruments to work with.

Turn up the heat with the versatile Big John Hairy Balls Fuzz & Boost. Great looks and thunderous analog sound in one! This pedal is loved by both bassists and guitar players around the world for its pure sounds. 2 separate effects in one box! (Boost/drive & Extraordinary Fuzz)

(130x95x57mm) 1) Clean preamp Boost 2) Delicious Tube color & growl from the boost when opened up 3) Full Distortion effect when fully cranked! 4) High gain fuzz 5) Synth -like- effects with the gate control 6) Booster, overdrive, fuzz and synth in one pedal 7) Inside trimpot for the booster (trimmed standard to +1 dB with Boost at lowest level position) 8) There are no balls like HAIRY BALLS!

The Big John Hairy Balls is a fuzz/boost/overdrive pedal that not only features zippery, gated fuzz but also adds a hairy boost that can be used in conjunction with the fuzz effect or separately. The Boost function features its own footswitch and a Boost control. The boost gives a beautiful bright coloration but stays quite clean until about 3 o’clock, then it gets scratchy and starts overdriving and distorting as the bias changes. In the fuzz section, Volume and Gate knobs give you an unusual, creative control over the effect.

The Big John Hairy Balls is a great design and like all Big John Pedals, it is handmade with top quality components with point-to-point soldered construction (!) for maximum tone and durability.

Kicking in the Boost is like thumping a wildebeest in the danglies, the fuzz lights up and the volume goes through the roof, perfect for a lead boost. With the Boost all the way up, there is added gain and grit for a huge ballsy drive tone that will make your neighbour sweat. The Big John Hairy Balls is a pedal to annoy, enjoy, and play with for as long as you can still hear.

Download your manual here:

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The Big John Granny Puker will give you weird but very good distortion effects and dirty octave (down) sounds. It is as unique as your music. There is nothing like it! 2 Separate effects in one box (Preamp/Overdrive & Dirty Octave Down)

Functions are:

  • Volume control,
  • Mixer control (mix-in the amount of octave down),
  • Puke control = Gain (adjusts the amount of distortion).

You can use the Granny Puker as a distortion box: Just turn the mixer knob to the minimum (good for chords).

You can use the Granny Puker as a dirty octaver: Turn the mixer knob to the maximum (good for melodies).

This stompbox is designed for guitar as well as for bass guitar and synth.

The Big John Granny Puker is a unique overdrive/octave down effect pedal that gives you the ability to use straight overdrive, straight octave down, and mix between the two. The Big John Granny Puker features knobs for Volume, Mixer, and Puke. The Mixer knob controls the blend of the octave down effect and the Puke control is your overdrive gain. This gives you complete control over the effect from pure overdrive to slight octave to total octave down. The Big John Granny Puker is point-to-point wired by hand with top quality components. And like all Big John pedals, the Granny Puker is built to be indestructible!

The overdrive tone is smooth and a bit gritty for true vintage tone. From low gain to chunky gain, the Big John Granny Puker holds its own as just an overdrive pedal. The Mixer knob provides all the fun. Bring the Mixer up to halfway for a nice thickening effect for your overdriven tone and a full sounding lead. Max out the Mixer and the Big John Granny Puker is pure octave down. Gritty and precise the Big John Granny Puker provides a plethora of in between tones for hours of fun and experimentation. There really isn’t another pedal like this, how you use it is up to you!

Download your manual here:

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The Big John Pocket Rocket is a Vintage ‘Tube Screamer’ overdrive style effect. It’s the ‘most conventional’ Big John Effect. The tones of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Creedence Clearwater Revival, George Thorogood, The Meat Puppets, Nirvana, Candlebox, Live, and Eric Clapton (just to name a few) are all attainable using this pedal.

We upgraded the circuit of the best Tube Screamer out there (the original TS-808). This is the only one on which we had to print the circuitboard instead of using perfboard - otherwise it wouldn't fit in it's enclosure! We "Big John'd" it with the very best components, tough wiring and solid soldering.

Simply with Volume, Tone and Gain controls + a great extra "clipping mode" switch to add a slight touch of modern overdrive in asymmetrical mode. Be sure to check out the video!

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The Dirty Sandwich is The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife for musicians. It is a True Bypass looper, to get those tonesucking old (or new cheap) pedals back on your menu, with a boost if wanted and a very classy overdrive if required. Without sucking on your tone (at all) when not used.

The Big John Dirty Sandwich is a True Bypass Effect Looper with some really useful extra's. Once you have it, it will keep pleasing you as it always has exactly the sound you need at the touch of a button.

Like all Big John effects, it has not only unique great analog sound, great quality and a catchy name... It also has superb functionality for the working musican: Guitarplayers, bassplayers, other musicians and sound-technicians.

Functions are:

  • Switchable True Bypass Effects Loop
  • Volume Control for the Loop (controls the FX-return signal)
  • Powerful, Switchable Clean Booster
  • Adjustable Drive from just a sweet edge to full distortion, or like the GearMannDude says: The drive on this is AWESOME! Cross between transparent overdrive all the way to farty fuzz...super cool dirt! Super cool drive!
  • Power Distribution for another pedal
  • Useable as an A / B-switchbox with full volume controls for 2 basses, guitars or synths, mics, etc.

check the quick-overlook diagram in the downloadable manual:

This stompbox is designed for guitar as well as for bass guitar and synth, and also Vocalists, Bluesharp-players, Sound Engineers love to have it in their signal chain. Download Manual to check out all the details:

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